This website documents my journey as I explore the vast world of Chess. You will find updates about my progress in the blog. If you don't know where to start, head out to the introductory blog post.

From the blog

In this blog post, I cover my experience with the woodpecker method. The whole process took a few months and I tried my best to report all the crucial aspects.

As I wrote in the February 2020 update, I started studying the endgame a few weeks ago. My plan was to go through all of 100 Endgames You Must Know before writing about the endgame but, you know, plans are meant to change.

You can hear chess players saying they’ve got the chess bug. And if you’re into chess, there’s a high chance you think you got the same bug. The passion for the game is hard to explain in words, there are too many aspects.

As this is the first blog post on the chess atlas, an explanation of what this website is about is in order. I’ll go over what my motivations are (aka why am I even doing this?), what I intend to write about (aka what’s a chess atlas anyway?), and the way I planned to proceed (aka how am I going about this?).

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